AIM Manual VFD Update

Variable Frequency Drive Submersible Motor Requirements

We strive to improve and maintain quality standards that exceed our customer expectations. To address the growing large submersible motor markets, the Franklin Electric Submersible Application Installation Maintenance (AIM) manual Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) section has been updated to stress the need for an additional output filter to be purchased for virtually all large submersible motor applications.

The Variable Frequency Drive Submersible Motor Requirements section of the AIM manual is available to download from the Franklin Electric website.

Additionally, a VFD Output Filter Supplement is available with commentary on why the need for an output filter on submersible motors is different from those for aboveground motors. This supplement is informational only and is not included in the AIM manual. To obtain a copy, please contact your local Franklin Electric Representative.

If you have any further questions concerning the AIM manual update or VFD Output Filter Supplement, please contact Franklin Electric’s Technical Service Hotline at 800.348.2420 or

VFD submersible motor requirements AIM manual update page 40 and 41

New 4×6-13H Pump Unit

Franklin Electric offers a wide array of Irrigation & Industrial products designed specifically for the water pumping industry and continuously strives to provide products to meet every application need. Effective May 1, 2011, Franklin Electric’s line of pumps is expanding to include a new 4×6-13H pump unit.  The original 4×6-13 will still be available for repair parts until the 4×6-13H is fully implemented.

The difference between the 4×6-13 and the 4×6-13H pump unit is the hydraulic performance.  The casing, wear rings, shaft sleeve, and all other components remain the same.  The 4×6-13H pump unit was designed to provide premium efficiency, higher flow ratings and lower horsepower draw to better compete in the Irrigation and Industrial markets Franklin serves.

Franklin Irrigation and Industrial pumps feature proven components and provide superior performance for irrigation, community water systems, boosting, and recirculation. Franklin Electric will continue to embrace new opportunities with innovative products and services for this market segment.

Curve information:

Close-Coupled I series 1800 Curves Booklet – page 5

Frame Mount Variable Speed Curves Booklet – page 17

SAE Engine Drive Variable Speed Curves Booklet – page 11

Cross Reference Chart

For more information on the 4×6-13H pump or other Franklin Electric pumps, please contact your local Franklin Electric Representative.

Inline Typical Install Guide

Franklin Electric is  proud to bring another service to customers aiding in the application of the popular line of constant pressure systems.

The Inline constant pressure system is an ideal solution for constant pressure needs in homes on private wells or city/municipal water systems. Franklin offers the best motors, pumps, drives and controls packed into one system solution.

The unique integrated pump, motor and drive are compact, quiet and easy to install.  The Inline system does not simply increase the water pressure; it provides constant pressure to every fixture in the home at the same time.

The new Typical Installation Guide (M2071) is intended to ease the installation of a duplex Inline controlled by a Duplex Alternator.  It is available to download with the Inline product information and on Franklin Electric’s information library.

For more information on the Inline constant pressure system, please contact your local Franklin Electric Representative.

Introducing SubDrive HPX

Franklin Electric, the global leader in ground water pumping and water pressure solutions, is proud to introduce another exciting product to its popular line of variable speed constant pressure systems for water pumping applications.

The SubDrive HPX is the solution for light commercial, industrial, and municipal applications in need of constant pressure. Used on a private or public well running a Franklin Electric submersible motor, or coupled with an aboveground system, the SubDrive HPX offers our customers many more options.

This wide range of options provides customers a complete line of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems. The SubDrive HPX allows for both simple drive selection and installation. Developed with the water well contractor in mind, this system offers condensed operating parameters which are easy to program, reducing set-up time in the field.
The chart below provides product information and accessories available for the SubDrive HPX.

SubDrive HPX driver information 50 and 60 Hz

For more information about the SubDrive HPX and Franklin’s other constant pressure products, please contact your Territory Manager.

Residential & Light Commercial customers click here

Irrigation & Industrial customers click here

Download HPX literature from Information Library

Order HPX literature

1.5 hp Control Box Model Change

Effective March 2011, Franklin Electric will modify the existing 1.5 hp control box. These changes are in response to comments from the field and will be implemented without further hesitation.

While maintaining our current run winding overload protection, we added a start winding overload protector and an increase to 15 mf in the run capacitor. These alterations improve efficiency, smooth motor operation, and reduce amp draw, as well as eliminate date code confusion with overload/capacitor kits.

The modified 1.5 hp control box model (2823008110) will be the only model required to operate and protect the Franklin Electric 1.5 hp 3-wire motor. Current inventory will be depleted prior to issuing the new control box.

For more information about Franklin Electric control boxes, visit or contact your Territory Manager.

Inline 1100 and SubDrive2W Distribution

Franklin Electric, the global leader in ground water pumping and residential water pressure solutions, is proud to introduce two new products to its line of constant pressure systems.

The Inline 1100 is designed to provide constant pressure in homes on either municipal or private well water systems.

The SubDrive2W is the solution for constant pressure in homes on a private well with a 2-wire Franklin Electric motor.

Franklin Electric is pleased with market demand for these products and continues to work hard to ensure quality and availability of these products adhering to the first two commitments of the Company’s key factors for success. However, due to an unexpected demand in the first year of introduction, distribution of these products will continue to be limited to pre-qualified distributors to ensure quality and field support. Please contact your Franklin Electric regional sales manager for details.

Amps Vs. Watts – What’s the Operating Cost?

One of the more confusing things about electricity is how it’s measured and how we pay for it. We would like to take a moment to clear up any misunderstandings about electrical power, especially in terms of calculating the electrical cost of operating a submersible pump. We all pay for the Kilo-watt hours on our electrical bill.

kW hours are calculated by multiplying the watts time hours of operation, all of this divided by 1000 to equate to kW hours.

kW-Hr = (Motor Watts * Hours of operation)/1000.

2Wire 1Ø Motor
Hp Volts Franklin Others Franklin Others
1/2 115 960 1088 12 9.5
1/2 230 960 1073 6 4.7
3/4 230 1310 1459 8 6.4
1 230 1600 1900 8.6 9.1
1 1/2 230 2180 2520 13.1 11
3 Wire 1Ø Motor
Hp Volts Franklin Others Franklin Others
1/2 115 960 916 12 12.6
1/2 230 960 1033 4.3 4.9
3/4 230 1310 1381 5.7 6.3
1 230 1600 1672 7.1 7.2
1 1/2 230 2100 2187 11.5 11.1

With the exception of the 1/2HP 115V 3 W motor Franklin watts (what we pay for) are lower than the competitive motor.  Many people assume that amp draw is the key factor, when in fact, the real issue is how well you convert the amps to output, otherwise known as efficiency of operation.

Assuming the average household consumes 500 Gal of water per day, using a 20 GPM 2W 1.5HP unit pump, this would require 25 minutes of operation per day or 750 minutes or 12.5 hours of operation per month. Assuming a kW cost of $0.10/kW-Hr, it would cost 2180*12.5*0.1/1000=$2.73, the physical cost, to operate an Franklin Electric equipped unit or $3.15 for the competitive unit.

Kilowatts are a measure of power, amps are a component of power and the other key is the materials and efficiencies associated with converting the power to rotational energy.  So, next time your customer wants to know how much it costs to operate their private water system, you can show them the figures and assure them that a submersible pump from Franklin Electric is one of the best deals around.

6-Inch Volt-X Submersible Motors

Franklin Electric, the global leader in ground water and other submerged pumping applications, is proud to introduce the next generation of 6-inch submersible motors with a dual voltage feature. The 6-inch Volt-X motors will be offered in both standard water well and Sand Fighter constructions.

The 6-inch Volt-X motors offer power supply flexibility and inventory management advantages. The Volt-X voltage exchange device has been designed for sufficient gripping area in the T-handle to allow for easy installation and removal. The voltage rating is molded on the T-handle and the devices are differentiated by color.

The 6-inch Volt-X motors are dimensionally equivalent to standard motors of the same hp rating and will be shipped with a 460V Volt-X device installed. A 230V Volt-X device will be included in every box. Note: The new Volt-X devices are not compatible with the 2008 field trial motors.

To learn more about 6-inch Volt-X Submersible Motors, contact your Franklin Electric territory manager or visit our Web site at

Constant Pressure

Franklin’s constant pressure Web site was recently relaunched, featuring a new look, new information and new products. homepage

The updated site is designed to educate homeowners on their water system and the benefits of having a constant pressure system, whether they have city water or a private well. In addition, the site promotes awareness about Franklin’s products for the home and educates them on understanding private water systems and the differences between conventional and constant pressure systems.

As before, the site offers visitors both English and Spanish language options and offers various interactive examples.

These interactive examples provide visual solutions and help educate homeowners on common causes of low water pressure. The virtual scenarios compare conventional systems to show the benefits of constant pressure from Franklin Electric. Interactive Examples

Also familiar to the site are two features making Franklin constant pressure unique and simple:

Take it for a “Test Drive”
A MonoDrive Test Drive Kit is available for homeowners who want to experience constant pressure before investing. Through their local water systems contractor, they can try a constant pressure system in their home for a short time, and decide if constant pressure is right for them.

How to Purchase or Locating a Certified Dealer Dealers

It pays to be a registered FE dealer,  the dealer look-up feature provides homeowners a way to find local water well professionals in their area.

New to the site is one of Franklin’s latest innovations, the Inline Constant Pressure System. The Inline Constant Pressure System is ideal for homes on private wells or city water systems maximizing the output and performance of other common water usage applications. Whether pumping from a cistern/holding tank, feeding a sprinkler or turf irrigation system, operating a livestock cooling system, or boosting pressure to a multi-head commercial wash down system, an increase in system performance and efficiency can be gained through Franklin Electric’s Inline Constant Pressure System. Products

Franklin Electric has a constant pressure solution for any home. Visit to check out the new look and  more information on constant pressure.

Franklin Electric SubDrive2W Constant Pressure System

SubDrive 2 Wire

Franklin Electric, the global leader in ground water pumping and residential water pressure solutions, is proud to introduce another exciting product to its popular line of constant pressure systems.

The SubDrive2W constant pressure system is the solution for constant pressure in homes on a private well with a 2-wire Franklin Electric motor. The SubDrive2W is ideal for applications where constant pressure is desirable including residential water systems, landscaping, water treatment and geothermal systems.

The patent pending product was designed with the water well contractor in mind; a conversion to constant pressure made easy and does not require the pulling of a pump and motor, only the replacement of the pressure switch.

The SubDrive2W is also featured on our Web site,  The Web site is designed to inform homeowners of inconsistent water pressure in their homes and the benefits of a constant pressure system.

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electrics SubDrive2W constant pressure system and our complete family of water pressure solution products please contact your local Franklin Electric territory representative.