Alternative Energy for Franklin Subs

SD Solar ImageTo address the growing demand for products powered by alternative energy sources, Franklin Electric has designed and introduced a solar control option for its submersible pumps: SubDrive Solar. Available as a packaged system that includes the controller, pump, motor, and flow switch, SubDrive SolarPAK uses a solar PV array as the system’s input power source rather than a traditional utility power grid. SolarPaK covers a range from 5-90 gpm in ratings of 1.5 and 3.0 hp.

As part of the SubDrive SolarPAK offering, Franklin Electric has also developed interactive sizing software to help choose the right SolarPAK for each application. With a few simple user-directed inputs—location, water requirements, and panel characteristics—the Solar Selector can properly size a system and provide related ordering information.

Additional SolarPAK product details and the Solar Selector can be found at Please visit the site or contact your local Franklin Electric representative to learn more about this exciting new product line. In addition, take a look at our Franklin AID series on solar pumping systems at

New Control Products Available

SMP_OpenFranklin Electric’s recent acquisition of Cerus Industrial, now renamed Franklin Control Systems, has enabled the addition of two exciting new control products to our groundwater pumping line: the SubMonitor Pump Starter (SMP) and the Economy Pump Starter (EPS).

Designed for 3-phase pumping applications, the SubMonitor Pump Starter features built-in SubMonitor protection which guards against the following conditions:

  • Underload (dry-run protection)
  • Over/under voltage
  • Phase unbalance
  • Rapid cycling
  • Reverse phase
  • Motor overheat on Subtrol-equipped motors

In addition, the SMP offers class 10 electronic overload protection, integrated data logging, a circuit breaker disconnect (service entrance rated), and industrial grade construction for rugged conditions.

The Economy Pump Starter is designed specifically for 575V pumping applications and includes advanced protective features such as phase loss, phase imbalance, stall protection, and manual reset. It comes equipped with a class 1-30 electronic overload and a standard control transformer (CPT).

Contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager for further information or order data on these exciting additions to our groundwater product catalog.

FranklinTECH Instructional Videos

As part of Franklin Electric’s continued effort to be the industry leader in training and education for the water well industry, we are proud to release two more FranklinTECH Instructional Videos, which can be viewed at: The Pump Motor Assembly and Check Valve Installation/Removal videos demonstrate basic set-up and removal procedures.

Not only does this series provide specialty training to those in the field, it’s another example of our commitment to your business’s future. Training tools like these videos give you the most value from Franklin products, setting you apart in the field in sales and service.

Pump Motor Assembly:


Check Valve Installation/Removal Instructions: 


If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s FranklinTECH Instructional Videos, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Technical Service Hotline.

4” Submersible Pump Line Adds 90 gpm, 10 hp

Last year Franklin released the 90 gallon per minute (gpm) flow rating offered in the 4” submersible high capacity product line. With this expansion, the product line covers a flow rate range from 35 to 90 gallons per minute, all of which are now available in horsepower ratings up to 10 hp.

Below are the models offered with the 90 gallon per minute flow rating. To view the updated 4” submersible high capacity catalog pages for each, visit our website at


If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s 90 gpm addition to the 4” submersible pump line, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Technical Service Hotline.

SubDrive QuickPAK Expansion

Franklin Electric continues to expand the QuickPAK product line, allowing us to better serve the clean water market, while offering the best of Franklin’s motors, pumps, drives and controls packed into one system solution.

All SubDrive QuickPAK and 3W MonoDrive QuickPAKs in the 5 & 7 gallon per minute (GPM) flow ratings are now packaged with the 3200 Series pump line. This pump upgrade brings increased flexibility to the already popular QuickPAK family. Offering both a reduced pump end diameter and increased output performance, the 3200 Series significantly increases Franklin’s ability to provide the best product possible for clean water pumping applications.subdrive

Professional water systems installers can be confident that Franklin has both the individual products and packaged systems to best meet their clean water pumping needs.

The SubDrive QuickPAK and 3W MonoDrive QuickPAK features:

  • Motor, pump and drive in one package
  • Variety of flow rates including: 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 45, 60, and 90 gpm
  • Provides variable frequency technology delivering constant water pressure.
  • Single-phase input power with single or three-phase motor performance, using 1/2- 3 hp motors
  • NEMA 1 and NEMA 4 drive enclosures available
  • System-specific performance curve
  • Easy installation

A QuickPAK can be used in a growing variety of applications such as landscape irrigation systems, pumping from a cistern or on residential water systems where constant pressure and/or protection is a must.

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s SubDrive QuickPAK expansion, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Technical Service Hotline.

Energy Systems Website Live!

webNow live, we are excited to announce Franklin Electric’s new Energy Systems website!

Franklin Electric has supplied products to the oil and gas industry for decades. Now, with the introduction of a line of artificial lift systems, Franklin’s commitment to building reliable products and innovative designs continues. This new line offers advanced control systems and proven pumps and motors, all engineered for the demanding conditions of energy applications.

Artificial Lift Systems offers a full product line to meet a broad array of applications, including:
CBM-grpESP Systems
• ESPCP Systems
• ESPCP Control Center
• STS Series 6” & 8”
• SR Series 6” & 8”
• High Capacity 4”
• High Capacity 6”
• Hi-Temp 90 Motors 6”
• Hi-Temp 75 Motors 8”

The site includes product information, solutions to challenging applications, a sizing selector, technical resources and much more. Click here to experience the site for all of your pump needs.

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s FranklinTECH instructional videos, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Technical Service Hotline.

Convertible VersaJet in Motion

Although no pump can do everything, Franklin Electric’s Convertible VersaJet comes pretty close. First introduced in 2010 and closely followed by a Pro version in 2011, Capturethis cutting edge design combines performance and versatility. It features a series of four different flanges, allowing the pump to be retrofit to almost any existing installation. With a variety of pressure and flow choices, the Convertible VersaJet is suited to both shallow and deep-set installations. To see how it works, visit Franklin Electric’s YouTube channel located at

Videos like this are a part of Franklin Electric’s continued effort to lead the groundwater industry in training and education. Over the course of the year, Franklin will continue to produce instructional videos to complement the training received at a FranklinTECH seminar. Check back frequently to see what’s new, or simply subscribe to our channel (

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s FranklinTECH instructional videos, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Technical Service Hotline.