SubDrive QuickPAK Expansion

Franklin Electric continues to expand the QuickPAK product line, allowing us to better serve the clean water market, while offering the best of Franklin’s motors, pumps, drives and controls packed into one system solution.

All SubDrive QuickPAK and 3W MonoDrive QuickPAKs in the 5 & 7 gallon per minute (GPM) flow ratings are now packaged with the 3200 Series pump line. This pump upgrade brings increased flexibility to the already popular QuickPAK family. Offering both a reduced pump end diameter and increased output performance, the 3200 Series significantly increases Franklin’s ability to provide the best product possible for clean water pumping applications.subdrive

Professional water systems installers can be confident that Franklin has both the individual products and packaged systems to best meet their clean water pumping needs.

The SubDrive QuickPAK and 3W MonoDrive QuickPAK features:

  • Motor, pump and drive in one package
  • Variety of flow rates including: 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 45, 60, and 90 gpm
  • Provides variable frequency technology delivering constant water pressure.
  • Single-phase input power with single or three-phase motor performance, using 1/2- 3 hp motors
  • NEMA 1 and NEMA 4 drive enclosures available
  • System-specific performance curve
  • Easy installation

A QuickPAK can be used in a growing variety of applications such as landscape irrigation systems, pumping from a cistern or on residential water systems where constant pressure and/or protection is a must.

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s SubDrive QuickPAK expansion, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Technical Service Hotline.

Energy Systems Website Live!

webNow live, we are excited to announce Franklin Electric’s new Energy Systems website!

Franklin Electric has supplied products to the oil and gas industry for decades. Now, with the introduction of a line of artificial lift systems, Franklin’s commitment to building reliable products and innovative designs continues. This new line offers advanced control systems and proven pumps and motors, all engineered for the demanding conditions of energy applications.

Artificial Lift Systems offers a full product line to meet a broad array of applications, including:
CBM-grpESP Systems
• ESPCP Systems
• ESPCP Control Center
• STS Series 6” & 8”
• SR Series 6” & 8”
• High Capacity 4”
• High Capacity 6”
• Hi-Temp 90 Motors 6”
• Hi-Temp 75 Motors 8”

The site includes product information, solutions to challenging applications, a sizing selector, technical resources and much more. Click here to experience the site for all of your pump needs.

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s FranklinTECH instructional videos, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Technical Service Hotline.

Convertible VersaJet in Motion

Although no pump can do everything, Franklin Electric’s Convertible VersaJet comes pretty close. First introduced in 2010 and closely followed by a Pro version in 2011, Capturethis cutting edge design combines performance and versatility. It features a series of four different flanges, allowing the pump to be retrofit to almost any existing installation. With a variety of pressure and flow choices, the Convertible VersaJet is suited to both shallow and deep-set installations. To see how it works, visit Franklin Electric’s YouTube channel located at

Videos like this are a part of Franklin Electric’s continued effort to lead the groundwater industry in training and education. Over the course of the year, Franklin will continue to produce instructional videos to complement the training received at a FranklinTECH seminar. Check back frequently to see what’s new, or simply subscribe to our channel (

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s FranklinTECH instructional videos, please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or Technical Service Hotline.

Discontinued Products

Franklin Electric is excited about the expansion of our product offering through our recent acquisition of Cerus Industrial, Inc.  As we integrate this exciting new line of drives and controls into our product offering, some current products will be phased out to reduce redundancy.  Below are some details about the specific products.

SubDrive HPX:
SubDrive HPX will be replaced as of January 1, 2013, with Franklin Electric P-Series VFDs.  This expands our offering to include complete VFD enclosed systems while also continuing to offer the new P-Series VFD as a stand-alone option.

SubDrive HPX Accessories (Line Reactors, Load Reactors, Conduit Kits, Fan Kits and Transducers):
The SubDrive HPX Series accessories will be discontinued as of January 1, 2013.  They will be replaced with an equivalent product currently designed for the new Franklin series of drives and controls.

Three-Phase Panels with Motor Logic:
Franklin Motor Logic pump panels will be replaced effective January 1, 2013.  The new Franklin pump starter panel offering will include both the Franklin Standard Pump Starter (SPS) with thermal overload and the Economy Pump Starter (EPS) with electronic overload.

Three-Phase Panels with SubMonitor are STILL AVAILABLE:
At Franklin Electric, we will continue to offer the existing three-phase panels equipped with SubMonitor protection.  However, an exciting addition to this line is the Intelligent Pump Starter (IPS) panel.  This new Franklin panel offers integrated electronic pump protection, overload, over/under voltage, phase loss/unbalance, stalled/locked rotor, and power metering protection, as well as a data logging option with time and date stamp.

For those with existing quotes on SubDrive HPX or HPX accessories, we will assure product availability through April 1, 2013.  All SubDrive HPX products will continue to have their full applicable Franklin warranty.

If you have any questions regarding the changes listed above, please contact your Territory Manager.

Customer Service Procedures for New Drives and Controls Line

mnAs we introduce our large drives and controls into Franklin’s irrigation and industrial channels, we wanted to clarify a few of the processes in order to ensure a smooth transition.

All telephone calls, faxes, and emails for new orders should be sent to your respective Customer Service Representative at Franklin’s corporate headquarters in Bluffton, Indiana (for Canadian orders contact Bolton Customer Service). Please do not send purchase orders for Franklin branded drives, panels and accessories to Cerus Industrial. Contact your Territory Manager or Franklin Customer Service Department at 1-800-269-0063.

Technical Assistance (Hotline):
Technical questions and assistance for large drives and controls will funnel through Franklin’s Technical Service Hotline located in Bluffton, IN, at 1-800-348-2420.

Warranty Process:
We are currently working on the integrating this offering into the automated Franklin Warranty System. Until this process is complete, products requiring warranty analysis must be returned through your Territory Manager for review. Once the warranty process has been integrated, your Territory Manager will advise you of the new process.

If you have any questions regarding any of the processes listed above, please contact your Territory Manager for assistance.

2013 Key Dealer FAQs

We are excited about our 2013 Key Dealer program, which has been designed to set you apart from your competitors. With the new program’s effective date coming quickly, we have put together the following FAQs to ensure that you have answers to many of the questions you have about the program. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, please contact your Franklin Territory Manager.

1.  When does the new program start?

Franklin Electric’s new Key Dealer program goes into effect on January 1, 2013.

2.  What’s in it for me?

Franklin’s Key Dealer program is designed to recognize those water systems contractors who have made a commitment to understanding the proper application and installation of Franklin products. Dealers/contractors who have demonstrated that commitment through purchasing Franklin products and participating in training sessions will receive benefits not available to dealers/contractors who have not made the same commitment. These include extended warranties, priority access to Franklin’s Technical Service Hotline, no-charge field service support, presence on Franklin Electric’s online dealer locator, Yellow Pages co-op assistance, and front line access to product and service announcements.

3.  What do I need to do to be part of the new program?

Membership in the 2013 Key Dealer program is easy. If you’ve attended a FranklinTECH, FranklinTECH On-the-Road, or other qualifying training seminar in the past 24 months, you are automatically eligible. All you need to do is meet minimum purchase requirements in the 2013 calendar year to stay current. (See program information at for complete purchase requirements.)

If you haven’t been able to attend a training session in person, we’ve also added a convenient test-out option.

4.  Will I lose my Key Dealer status if I haven’t completed a seminar or the online test by December 31, 2012?

Don’t worry. If your circumstances haven’t allowed you to achieve training certification by the end of 2012, your membership in the program will be retroactive as soon as you attend a qualifying Franklin seminar or complete the online exam. We don’t want you to miss out on a single benefit of the program.

5.  How does the online exam work?

You can access the online exam by clicking HERE, or via the Certified Contractor Exam link at The exam consists of 30 questions about the application, installation, and maintenance of Franklin water pumping systems that should come easy to you based on your experience in the field. The test is open book, and you are encouraged to use the Franklin Electric AIM manual heavily as a resource.

6.  How do I know if I’ve met the program requirements?

If you’re not sure whether you’ve already qualified for the 2013 Key Dealer Program, contact your Franklin Territory Manager or the program administrator. In the next several weeks, Franklin customer service representatives will call 2012 Key Dealers who have not yet fulfilled the 2013 program requirements to ensure their continued membership.

7.  When will 2013 Key Dealer Status expire?

Program purchase requirements must be maintained annually, but training certification extends for two years.

8.  What if I have more questions?

Complete program information is available at, and you can always contact your Franklin Territory Manager or the program administrator.